Attending ICM 2016 Conference


Gladly, The Eighth International Conference on Microelectronics [ICM]  was organized by Nile University in collaboration with several leading institutions in the field of microelectronics in Egypt and abroad, including Waterloo University; the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Montreal, including IEEE Region 8, Circuits and systems society (CASS).

The conference is also attended by the 28th International Conference on Microelectronics, organized by Nile University in cooperation and partnership with several leading institutions. Experts and specialists from more than 17 countries.

Over the years, microelectronics industry has played significant role in shaping the features of technology, on all bases. Medical devices, smart phones, computers many other applications, they all include different shape of microelectronics.

The conference aims to make Egypt a center and a regional and international center for the African, Arab and European markets for the design and manufacture of advanced electronics before the end of 2030.

During the conference, researchers had the chance to present their most recent work, also the undergraduate students had the chance to see the ray of light and hope in the future to believe in their country.

Dr. Tarek Khalil, President of Nile University, said that the participants in the conference address topics of high importance, including the electronic circuits and systems, the strengthening of micro-systems of energy cells, talk about the strategy related to the design and manufacture of electronics and the supportive programs for building Real Electronics Industry. And he also said that Egypt is economically dependent on adopting the electronics industry.

Here is the Link of President of Nile University talk:

Dr. Ahmed Madian, Director of Microelectronics Program at Nile University, confirmed that the international conference organized by the university in the field of microelectronics provides a picture of the most important new fields and innovative research in the world for young engineers in Egypt. Experts and experts from more than 17 countries have attended the conference.

Here is the link of a TV interview for Dr. Ahmed Madian.

One of the attendees wrote brilliant article about his experience in attending such conference. He saw that,

“The importance of this conference was never about the quality of papers presented in it, but it mainly indicated the features of the microelectronics industry in Egypt. Egypt already is taking serious steps toward that. What was so impressive about the conference was the serious attempts to draw the flowline of the future of electronics industry in Egypt, ICM 2016 was not only an academic conference, it was a club and community of those who breathe electronics.”

The link of the article.

Here are some of what was published about the organization of the Nile University the 28th international conference in the field of electronics:










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