Dr.Ahmed G. Radwan and Dr.Ahmed S Elwakil, published “Chapter 3 – Fractional-order Oscillators,” in the book “Oscillator Circuits: Frontiers in Design, Analysis and Applications,”

Description: This book fills the need for a comprehensive volume on the most recent research on oscillator circuit design, analysis, and application. It highlights developments in the analysis of synchronization and wave phenomena, new analytical and design methods and their application, and novel engineering applications of oscillator circuits.

Topics covered include;

  • Introduction to recent developments
  • Analysis of bifurcation in oscillatory circuits
  • Fractional-order oscillators
  • Memristive and memcapacitive astable multivibrators
  • Piecewise-constant oscillators and their applications
  • Master-slave synchronization of hysteresis neural-type oscillators
  • Multimode oscillations in coupled hard-oscillators
  • Wave propagation of phase difference in coupled oscillator arrays
  • Coupled oscillator networks with frustration
  • Graph comparison and synchronization in complex networks
  • Experimental studies on reconfigurable network of chaotic oscillators
  • Fundamental operation and design of high-frequency tuned power oscillator
  • Ring oscillators and self-timed rings in true random number generators
  • Attacking on-chip oscillators in cryptographic applications


Dr. Ahmed Radwan invited in Research School in Czech Republic.

On November 25-26 long IEEE CASS Seasonal School in Fractional-Order Systems (Brno University, IEEE Czechoslovakia Section) in accordance to the recent open call for proposals available at http://ieee-cas.org/community/ram-division/seasonal-schools-in-circuits-and-systems-sscas. The aim is to invite from IEEE CASS fund selected relevant researchers being out of EU (and out of the Action), but having significant results in this topic. Preliminary schedule is the following:

  • Mathematical Calculus and Its Usage e.g. in MATLAB by Prof. Igor Podlubny, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
  • Approximation and Realization of Fractional-Order Circuits by Assoc. Prof. Ahmed G. Radwan, Nile University, Egypt
  • Modeling of Biological Tissues’ Properties by Dr. Todd J. Freeborn, University of Alabama, USA
  • Practical Realizations of Fractional-Order Elements by Dr. Riccardo Caponetto, University of Catania, Italy
  • Fractional-Order PID Control: Tuning and Practical Implementation by Dr. Aleksei Tepljakov, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
  • Fractional-Order Modeling of ultra-High Density Capacitors by Prof. Ahmed S. Elwakil, University of Sharjah, UAE

Eng. Hossam El Anzeery Awards (Lindau Meeting)

“The Beauty of Science”: doctoral student Hossam Elanzeery about his encounter with 29 Physics Nobel laureates

Hossam Elanzeery is currently completing his PhD degree at the University of Luxembourg working on the physics of solar cells with his Msc. and Bachelor degrees received from Nile University, Egypt (2014) and University of Technology Petronas, Malaysia (2010) respectively. His Master’s thesis was completed in IMEC, Belgium.


NISC Website Launching


Nanoelectronics Integrated Systems Center has launched its first website this month, August 2016, which will contain the latest news related to the center. The site is supplied with profile pages for all faculty members, Research Assistants, Junior Scientists and the Alumni. Also, it is updated with all recent research projects and achievements.

Check it out in detail, and follow our new social media page on Facebook.

Dr.Ahmed Madian invited as judge for Egyptian Engineering Day (EED 2016)

EED 2016 is organized by IEEE Egypt Young Professionals Affinity Group, The Egyptian Engineering Day is an annual summit that facilitates the opportunity for the best of the engineering graduation projects from all over Egypt to be implemented, as a consequence of a judging exhibition. This prestigious annual gathering provides graduating students with an exclusive chance to market their projects and explore the latest top-notch technologies & solutions that fit the current market needs. Accordingly, the valuable EED experience exceeds all possibilities of winning chances of hiring, incubating low-cost R&D based on the exhibited projects, and the incredible opportunity of meeting experts in ICT domain, soft skills domain and all fields of knowledge.



Dr Ezz EL massry visit


Nisc center is pleased with Dr Ezz EL massry visit.
Dr. Ezz El-Masry

Prof. Ezz I. El-Masry

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Alexandria), Ph.D. (Man.), P.Eng

Ezz I. El-Masry (M’78-SM’83) has received the B. Sc. (Eng.) degree (first class honors) and the M. A. Sc. (Eng.) degree in Electrical Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1967 and 1972; respectively and the Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Manitoba, Canada in 1977.  He was a member of the scientific staff at the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada in Ottawa.  In 1978 he joined the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Coordinated Science Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Illinois. In 1983 he joined the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at DalTech, Dalhousie University (formerly, the Technical University of Nova Scotia), Canada where he is presently a Professor. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Kuwait in 1989-1990 and at KFUPM in Saudi Arabia in 1997-1998. He is the founder and President of the EEC Engineering Consultant in Dartmouth, NS, Canada. He has served as a consultant to industries, Research Laboratories (in USA, Canada, and overseas) and the United Nation UNESCO Office. His mean research interests are in the area of Analog and mixed-signal Microelectronics in particular; low-voltage & low-power Analog VLSI Circuits, switched-capacitor and current-modefilters. He is a member and Principal Investigator of the Canadian Network of Centers of Excellence on Microelectronics (MICRONET) since 1989. Has been appointed for the NSERC Grant Selection Committee on Communications, Computers and Components (GSC334 for three years that ends 2004. He serves as Scientific Liaison Officer for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). He has authored and co-authored over 100 papers and chapters in books. He is the recipient of the Myril B. Reed Best Paper Awards (twice) for papers presented at the 27th and the 28th Midwest Symposiums on Circuits and Systems. He has served as a Chairperson, Organizer of many technical sessions and member of the Technical Program Committee of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, the Midwest Symposiums on Circuits and Systems and the Canadian Conference on Engineering Education. He was the chairman of the technical program committee of the 1984 IEEE International Conference on System, Man and Cybernetics. He is a member of the Steering and Technical Committees of the Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems since 1989.

Two accepted papers in Midwest International Conference


NISC Center would like to congratulate Haneen  G.  Hezayyin,  Gehad  M.  Ahmed, Kareem  H.  Khattab,  Ahmed  H.  Madian  and  Ahmed  G.  Radwan for their accepted papers in IEEE  Midwest  International Conference (MWSCAS), 2016.


[1] Haneen  G.  Hezayyin,  Gehad  M.  AhmedM.  E.  FoudaA.  H.  Madian,  and  A.  G. Radwan,  “Voltage-controlled  M-M  Relaxation  Oscillator,”  IEEE  Midwest  International Conference (MWSCAS), 2016.

[2] Kareem  H.  Khattab,  Ahmed  H.  Madian  and  Ahmed  G.  Radwan,  “CFOA-Based Fractional Order  Simulated  Inductor,”  IEEE  Midwest  International  Conference (MWSCAS), 2016.

Best Poster Award at the 13th International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ECTI-CON 2016)


Congratulations to Amr AbdelAty, Ahmed Soltan, Waleed Ahmed and Ahmed Radwan, for winning the best poster award at the 13th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON 2016), Thailand, 2016  for their paper, “Hermite Polynomials in The Fractional Order Domain Suitable for Special Filters Design,“


Best Poster Award at the 13th International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ECTI-CON 2016)


Congratulations to Amr AbdelAty, Ahmed Radwan, Waleed Ahmed and Mariam Faied, for winning the best poster award at the 13th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON 2016), Thailand, 2016  for their paper, “Charging and Discharging Circuit Under Riemann-Liouville and Caputo Fractional Derivatives“.