Fourth Undergraduate Research Forum

Nile Unversity orgainzed its 4th Undergraduate research forum On Friday May 26th. As a research university, Nile University encourages its undergraduates to participate in the research process.

The event included presentations of some selected teams in the big theater, followed by posters sessions for all the teams. These activities are part of Nile University vision in providing opportunities to undergraduate to learn not only to how to conduct a good research, but also how to talk about it in a professional way.

The day ended by Dr. Tarek Khalil speech and giving the awards to the winning teams. It’s worth to be mentioned that Dr. Ahmed Radwan is the founder of this forum and he is well-known by his efforts to encourage undergraduates to learn in an effective way which resulted in these forums.

Third Undergraduate Research Forum

Nile University has held its third undergraduate research forum on Saturday 14th Jan. This activity comes out of Nile University policy and its stuff’s bielef in the potential of young researchers in general and our undergraduate specifically. Three courses have participated in this event (Modeling and applications of Differential Equations, Fundamental of Circuits I, and Control Systems).

The event started with Dr. Wael Akl speech in the big theater, followed by presentations by selected teams. Then the poster session started at 12:00 PM which includes approximately 40-45 posters. In this session, all teams present their work in front of  a committee formed form NU professors, professors from outside NU and NISC RAs.

At the end of the day, Dr. Tarek Khalil gave a speech, followed by awards to the winner teams. Dr. Tarek gave a special thanks to Dr. Ahmed Radwan in his speech for his great effort in organizing and supporting idea of the undergraduate research forum from the beginning. Dr. Radwan is well-known as  the founder of this forum and  his insistence on pursuing this activity every semester.

Dr.Ahmed Radwan published a paper entitled “Bifurcation Behaviour and Control on Chaotic Convection of Nanofluids with Fractional-Orders” at Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods and Computational Techniques in Modern Science

Abstract: In this paper, we study the effect of the fractional-order chaotic behaviour of nanofluids on in a fluid layer heated from below. Adams-Bashforth-Moulton predictor-corrector method was adopted to solve the fractional nonlinear system. The synchronization based on the active control theory and Lyapunov stability theory and the effective chaotic range of the fractional-order chaotic system for variation of the single control parameter have been determined. The transition to chaos occurs by a subcritical Hopf bifurcation in this fractional-order system. The results show that inhibition of chaotic convection with fractional-order can be observed when using nanofluids. Numerical simulations are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the synchronization results derived in this paper