Doaa Mahmoud Badawy Mahmoud


Full Name:Doaa Mahmoud Badawy Mahmoud.
Current Position: International scholar at imec .
Address: 4th Alhadana street Hassan Eltohami street.
Mobile: 01063078285.


Education background:
[B.Sc.] Communication and electronics, Cairo University.
[M.Sc.] Microelectronic System Design, Nile University

Research Interest:
Low power Low voltage ICs; amplifiers, filters, Band gap circuits.
Energy Harvesting.
Power Management ICs.

Thesis Title:
Ideally threshold compensated rectifier model, and capactively-coupled chopper instrumentation amplifier.

Date of Defense: 2/11/2015

Dr. Rafik Guindi.
Dr. Mohamed M. Aboudina.

Conference papers:

  • “A Mathematical Model of an Ideally Threshold Compensated Rectifier for RF Energy Harvesting” paper was accepted in ICEAC 2015.