Dr.Ahmed Radwan and Dr.Ahmed Elwakil were selected as a guest editors for the special issue on “New Trends on Modeling, Design, and Control of Chaotic Systems”, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Hindawi publishing.

Nowadays, one of the most studied phenomena is chaos into the nonlinear dynamical systems. Particularly, chaotic systems are mainly characterized by its behavior complex and like random. Their significance has been increased during the last decade because of several applications in diverse fields ranging from living systems, such as synchronization in neurobiology, chemical reactions among pancreatic cells, and social events to nonliving systems including robotics, low power high-speed data transceivers for medical applications, chaotic electrochemical oscillators, encrypted communications, control algorithms for motor drivers in electric vehicles, and so on. However, in order to exploit all the possible engineering applications, the open problems about chaotic systems need to be addressed by proposing novel theoretical and practical approaches focused on modeling, simulation, synthesis, design, control, and circuit implementation. The overall purpose of this special issue lies in gathering the latest scientific trends on the topics of chaotic systems with emphasis on real-world engineering applications.


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