Fruit electric analyzer device

This device has the ability to detect if the fruit is Carcinogenic or not, analysis the sugar percentage in the fruit and know if the fruit is fresh or frozen. It will have a huge benefit impact in the customer sales process, the farmer to get a specific agricultural calibration and the customs Authority to have a quick decision related to passing the freight or not within few minutes.

What is this device?

It used as alternative usage of the chemical analyzer which is costly and takes much time. This device depends on detecting the fluid percentage inside the fruit respected to the difference in their resistance. It is consider as a transmitter and receiver that sends signal from one fruit side and receives it from the opposite side to transmit it again by a wireless module to the computer for analyzing the computer software will compare the data received with database specialized for each kind of fruit and takes the decisions.

How it will be used in the nearest future?

It will be a small device that works beside the smart phone that has a software application. The customer will choose which kind of the fruit wanted and set which process required to be detected such as the Carcinogenic or not , fresh or frozen , knowing percentage of the sugar and so on.

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