Mamdouh Abdelmejeed

Full Name:
Mamdouh Abdelmejeed
Current Position: PhD student and graduate research assistant at Cornell University

Address: 403 Salem Dr., Ithaca, NY, 14850477 El-horea street, apt 51, Alexandria, Egypt
Mobile: +16073799712


Education background:
[B.Sc.] Electrical Engineering, Alexandria University
[M.Sc.] Microelectronic System Design, Nile University
[PhD] Cornell University, ECE department, “Sonic MEMs lab.

Research Interest:
Phase Locked Loops
Analog To Digital Converters
Time to Digital Converters
Ultra-Sonic transducers
On-Chip Communication

Thesis Title:
Time To Digital Converter Based Phase Locked Loop For Microprocessor Clock Generation

Date of Defense: January 2014

Supervisors: Dr. Rafik Guindi

Conference papers:

  • “A Novel High Throughput High resolution Two-Stage Oscillator Based Time To Digital Converter” Abdelmejeed, R.Guindi, M.Abdel-Moneum. Presented in ISOCC2013 conference, NOV. 2013.
  • “A Novel 10-Bit High-Throughput Two-Stage TDC with Reduced Power and Improved Linearity”Abdelmejeed, R. Guindi, M. Abdel-Moneum. Presented in ICEAC 2013 conference, December 2013.
  • “Digital Adaptive Frequency Scaling in All Digital Phase Locked Loops with Digital Built-in Self-Test” Mohamed Abdelsalam, Mamdouh Abdelmejeed, Amr Lotfy, Mohamed Abdelmoneum, Nasser Kurd, Greg Taylor. Presented in an Intel internal conference.


  • “A Digital Adaptive Droop Detection-Frequency Scaling Architecture For Phase Locked Loops” Filed September M. Abdel-Moneurm, N. kurd, A. Lotfy, M. Abdelsalam, M. Abdelmejeed
  • “A New Technique to Improve Device Performances of Post-CMOS MEMS Accelerometer” Filed December 2013. R. Mahameed, K. Dorsey, Abdelmejeed, M. Abdel-Moneum.
  • “A Fast Phase Lock Scheme for Digital PLLs” Filed December 2013. A. Lotfy, M. Abdelsalam, Abdelmejeed, N. Kurd, M. Abdel-Moneum, M. Elzinga, Y. Park, R. Rapeta, S. Musunuri.