SilGenix – Established by Prof. Rafik Guindi and Loai Salem – MSD Alumnus:


SilGenix is an Integrated Circuit design company specializing in on-chip power management offering proprietary solutions that increase the battery lifetime of portable electronic devices. SilGenix founders developed an IC technique that lowers the power consumption in microchips, which will enable cell phones and laptops to double their operating time without the need for connecting to a power plug. The technology also allows for smaller device form-factors. These two breakthrough advantages are of crucial importance in the portable devices market, given that the need for portability grows by 16% annually (source: InStat, 2011). By licensing the technology, we estimate that our customers (portable-devices manufacturers) will be able to double their sales.


At SilGenix, our mission is to be a world-class semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) company that leads the next generation of on-chip power management solutions for System-on-Chip (SoC) products. We will provide our customers with value-differentiated IP based on advanced research, and integrated solutions to lower IP technical risk and accelerate time-to-market. The future of microchips will have “SilGenix Inside”.


We cater to microchip design companies offering them an integrated power solution for all their on-chip power delivery needs. Products offered include the SilverGenTM Power Fabric standard cell library, the SilverGenTM Synthesizer software tool, as well as fully-integrated voltage regulator circuits. We also offer design services for designing customized power delivery circuits as needed.


Many electronic design companies do not have the in-house research capabilities allowing them to design and integrate voltage conversion elements inside the Integrated Circuits that they design. SilGenix offers a comprehensive solution including a library of subcircuits and a synthesis software that integrates the library parts into a complete system. The combined hardware/software solution follows a traditional semi-custom flow that digital designers are familiar with, which simplifies significantly the design and on-chip integration of efficient power management systems.


SilGenix is a semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) company. SilGenix licenses the voltage regulators’ integration technology to its clients. As a fabless company, SilGenix does not offer products in physical form and rather provides design schematics (i.e. IP) which are integrated by the end customer in the final product.


SilGenix is a Joint-Stock Company incorporated in Cairo, Egypt. 100% of the company’s shares are currently owned by its cofounders Loai Salem, Rafik Guindi, and Rania Elmasry, which also constitute the current management team. The company is incubated under TIEC, the Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Center starting April 1st 2012 in the Smart Village – B5 – Km 28, Cairo-Alex Desert Rd, Cairo, Egypt.