Published Journal in the Journal of Analog. Integr. Circ. Sig. Process

NISC Center would like to congratulate Dr. Ahmed G. Radwan for his accepted Journal Papers in 2016, Which is published in the Journal of Analog. Integr. Circ. Sig. Process

  1. Mohammed E. Fouda, Ahmed Soltan, Ahmed G. Radwan, Ahmed M. Soliman, “Fractional-order multi-phase oscillators design and analysis suitable for higher-order PSK applications,” Analog. Integr. Circ. Sig. Process, 2016, DOI 10.1007/s10470-016-0716-2.

Recently, multi-phase oscillator design witnesses a lot of progress in communication especially phase shift keying based systems. Yet, there is a lack in design multi-phase oscillator with different fractional phase shifts. Thus, in this paper, a new technique to design and analyze a multi-phase oscillator is proposed. The proposed procedure is built based on the fractional-order elements or constant phase elements in order to generate equal or different phase shifts. The general characteristics equation for any oscillator is studied to derive expressions for the oscillation conditions and oscillation frequency. Also, stability analysis is introduced to guarantee the oscillation. Then, different examples of oscillators for equal and different phase shifts are introduced with their simulations.

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