Published Journal in the Journal of Circuits Syst. Signal Process

NISC Center would like to congratulate Dr. Ahmed G. Radwan for his accepted Journal Papers in 2016, Which is published in the Journal of Circuits Syst. Signal Process

  1. Costas Psychalinos, Ahmed S. Elwakil, Ahmed G. Radwan, Karabi Biswas, “Guest Editorial: Fractional-Order Circuits and Systems: Theory, Design, and Applications,” Circuits Syst. Signal Process, 35, 1807-1813, 2016. DOI 10.1007/s00034-016-0285-8

Nowadays, there is a significant research interest in the area of fractional-order circuits. This originates from the fact that they find applications in biochemistry, medicine, electrical engineering, and many other fields. For example, the modeling of viscoelasticity as well as of biological cells and tissues has been performed through the utilization of fractional-order calculus. This special issue is focused on the theory, design, and applications of fractional-order circuits and systems, with the purpose of offering to the circuits and systems community the opportunity to explore recent advances in fractional-order circuits and systems theory and design as well as of their applications.

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