Published Journal in the Microelectronics Journal

NISC Center would like to congratulate Dr. Ahmed G. Radwan for his accepted Journal Papers in 2016, Which is published in the Journal of Microelectronics

  1. Mourad S. Semary, Hany L. Abdel Malek, Hany N. Hassan, Ahmed G. Radwan, “An optimal linear system approximation of nonlinear fractional-order memristor–capacitor charging circuit,” Microelectronics J., 51, 58 – 66, 2016.

The analysis of nonlinear fractional-order circuits is a challenging problem. This is due to the lack of nonlinear circuit theorems and designs particularly in the presence of memristive elements. The response of a series connection of a simple resistor with fractional order capacitor and its analytical formulation in both charging and discharging phases is considered. The numerical simulation of fractional order HP memristor in series with a fractional order capacitor is also discussed. It is a demonstration of a simple nonlinear fractional-order memristive circuit in both charging and discharging cases. Furthermore, this paper introduces an approach to approximate nonlinear fractional-order memrisitve circuits by linear circuits using a minimax optimization technique. Hence, the new circuit can be analyzed using the conventional linear circuit theorems. The charging and discharging of a series fractional-order memristor with a fractional-order capacitor are discussed numerically. The effect of fractional-order parameters and memristor polarity are also investigated. Using a suitable optimization technique, an accurate approximation by a circuit that include a resistor and a fractional-capacitor is obtained for both charging and discharging cases. A great matching was observed between the frequency responses of the fractional-order nonlinear low pass filter based on fractional-order memristor and fractional-order capacitor and that of the optimized linear fractional order case. Similar matching is observed for the nonlinear and optimized cases when a periodic triangular waveform is applied using Fourier series expansion.

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