Wireless Monitoring of Fruit Growth Using an Electrical BioImpedance Sensor Device

Research Project

The idea of this project is to graph the quality of fruits and vegetables similar to ECG in humans. The purpose of this project is to build a prototype for a portable wireless electronic device capable of measuring live tissue with fruits or vegetables using bioimpedance and some mathematical & electrical models then transmitting data to the base station. This project will add scientific and laboratory value to the basics of the food industry in its various stages and build a database of the electrical properties of a number of fresh fruits and vegetables.



  • The mathematical background of plant-related integer-order models (Hayden, simplified Hayden, double shell, lumped, Garut Citrus) models have been summarized as well as the single/double dispersion models.
  • Extract the best circuit parameters circuit for the Cole-Cole model that fits the experimental results via different optimization techniques from a mathematical point of view to choose the best performance versus the complexity of the used algorithms. Also, the aging effect of apples for different types of apples (red, green, yellow).
  • Design a wireless module to measure the bio-impedance and submit these results automatically to the desktop. This module has been used to monitor the growth rate of strawberries' days and nights showing the effect of photosynthesis effect.
  • Compare the fitting parameters for different optimization algorithms of different bio-impedance magnitude-only measurements compared with total impedance measurements, where the single dispersion Cole-Cole model is employed based on the outcomes of the last report.
  • Discuss in detail the procedure of designing 30 prototypes, including the explanation of the firmware flowchart and the whole design process, starting from schematic to PCB, each component in the prototype is discussed.


Outcome: Publications

Four Published Journal Papers

Four Published Conference Papers

Published Chapter book:



  • Thirty Wireless Electronic Devices
  • Two International Workshops in 2016 and 2019 with International Speakers
  • Participate in Cairo Innovate Event 2019
  • One Report on the Wireless Sensor Deployment, Management, and System Architecture
  • Organizing One International Conference NILES2019