Research Project

Research Project

Smart Agriculture in Internet of Things Era

Efficient management of the Earth’s water resources has surged in urgency due to the confluence of several factors, including population growth, climate change, urbanization, etc. Irrigation stands out as one of the major sources of water utilization that can benefit drastically from novel approaches to water management. The nominal method for smart irrigation is to use some weather conditions to
Research Project

Software Algorithm and Hardware Implementations of Information Security Using Number Theory and Chaotic Systems

The project aims at proposing novel software algorithms for information security and their hardware implementations. The algorithms will utilize different methods based on number theory and chaos theory. Cryptography and information hiding systems will be developed for different media data types such as text, image, audio and video. The project will investigate different classes of symmetric
Research Project

Wireless Monitoring of Fruit Growth Using an Electrical BioImpedance Sensor Device

The idea of this project is to graph the quality of fruits and vegetables similar to ECG in humans. The purpose of this project is to build a prototype for a portable wireless electronic device capable of measuring live tissue with fruits or vegetables using bioimpedance and some mathematical & electrical models then transmitting data to the base station. This project will add scientific and